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RM177.90 RM163.90
  • This is a frozen product
  • HALAL product
  • 1kg per pack

Frozen Chips Simplot (2.26kg )

he ultimate in pure potato taste and homemade, skin-on appearance, Skincredibles® offers a variety of options and cuts, from fries and wedges to chips and boats, all with satisfying potato flavor. These potato chips are the perfect side, second fry or appetizer.
  • Thin, crisp, and skin-on, these chips have great flavor
  • Variable cook time—can be finished fried to desired texture
  • Serve hot or cold
  • Extra long hold time—can be prepared before rush periods
  • Reduces messy kitchen prep from fresh

La Costena Hot Sauce 140ml

Use as a condiment to make your meal tastier and spicier. Use in salsa, chutneys and seafood marinades.
  • Contains wheat and/or grain products containing gluten.

La Costena H/Style Mexican Salsa Med 476g

Homestyle Mexican Salsa by La Costena is a medium spicy, chunky red sauce made with natural red tomatoes, chile, onions, garlic and cilantro to give it that unique Red jalapeno taste the salsa has. With delicious flavors, La Costena Homestyle Mexican Salsa is a convenient and inexpensive alternative for your cravings of Mexican Home-style Sauce and Flavor. Bring out the homemade taste of your meals with La Costena!

Jati Basmathi Silky 2kg

Your Healthier Choice Jati Silky Basmathi Rice is the finest basmathi rice. The world's renowned long grain and fragrant rice was selected by farmers hundreds years ago in the fertile Punjab region but it is still grown and product using the same transitional way without much changes. The legendary long grains Basmathi rice with an exquisite fragrance, fine texture, and delicate taste makes the best briyani rice and was reputed to be served only in the stately homes of the nobles and royalties in the past.

Jati Eco Brown Gold Wholegrain Mix 5kg

EcoBrown’s Gold Wholegrain Rice is a combination of 100% natural brown, red and black rice. The red and black colour of the rice is contributed by pigments called anthocyanins which are antioxidants.

A4 Colour Paper 75gsm Sinar Spectra Brand 450Sheets

Sinar Spectra is symbol of high quality paper that assures your satisfaction. Sinar Spectra is a popular multipurpose A4 Paper.Excellent brightness & smoothness. Sinar Spectra offers you high printing quality and acid free paper.
  • Photocopy
  •  Personal Office Used
  • Other suitable applications
  • Colour available : PINK / YELLOW / BLUE/ LIGHT GREEN/ PURPLE and IVORY.

Computer Form Colour 3PLY Paperline Brand (White/ Pink/ Yellow) (500Fans)

  • Micro perforation for easy peeling
  • Clean cut side holes
  • Low paper dust
  • No jamming, very precise hole punching
  • No break in pack
  • Dust / dirt removed for cleaner printer & office environment
  • Neat & clean crimping