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WB Burnt Cheese Cake Slice

Wmart Burnt Cheesecake Every bite is a blessing rich and cheesy Is perfectly soft and satisfying    

Aust. AA Grade Lamb Shoulder 900g+/-

The shoulder of the lamb, derived from the forequarter, is the most economical cut. It is suitable for a variety of cooking grilled, pan fried, roast, stews, curries and etc. Quite often cut into chops.

New Zealand Mutton Rack 1kg+/-

RM25.00 RM24.00

New Zealand Mutton Rack 2kg+/-

Mutton is meat from a sheep that is older than 1 year, ideally 3 years old. It is an intense red color and contains a considerable amount of fat. Its flavor is very strong.
  • Halal
  • Cutting Service available

Affco Lamb Rack 900g+/-


AFFCO Lamb Rack 1kg+/-

AFFCO provides the world with New Zealand’s finest premium meats