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Lamb Minced (260G+/-)


Portion: 250g +/-

Packing: 1


PROMO!! Hamachi Yellowtail Kingfish (Whole) 3kg – 4kg+/- FREE Cobram Infused Chilli & Krio Lime Pepper


Hamachi Yellowtail Kingfish (Whole) 3kg - 4kg+/-

Yellowtail kingfish are widely distributed around the North Island and the northern South Island. They are roving carnivores and an open-water fish, although they do enter shallow bays, harbours, and estuaries looking for food. YELLOWTAIL KINGFISH are popular for their firm, white, slightly oily flesh and medium strong taste. They are an extremely popular sashimi fish exported in large quantities to Japan but are also excellent grilled or BBQ'd. Like other 'meaty' fish, they are best when seared and cooked only to Medium Rare, as further cooking will result in a dry product. Baking with aromatics wrapped in foil will help to retain moisture. As the flesh is firm and holds its shape well during cooking, Yellowtail Kingfish is suited to dicing and adding to curries or soups.

Capelin Female Shashimo 170g+/-


Capelin Female Shashimo 170g+/-

Most of us have eaten that Japanese favourite known as Shishamo 柳葉魚 (Willow Leaf Fish) in Japan. The small silvery fish has a belly loaded full of roe, hence it is often called 多春魚 in Chinese. The female fish and its roe is a favourite in Japanese cuisine known as Shishamo. Portion : 170g+/- Packing: 1 Pack