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Frozen sashimi grade hamachi fillet (per kg)

The Hamachi fish, also known as Pacific Yellowtail or Japanese Amberjack, is similar to a tuna. Hamachi fish are exclusively raised and farmed in Hyoshoku, a reigon in Southern Japan. The flesh of the fish is light and golden, with a smooth and buttery melt-in-the-mouth texture, and a smoky undertone. Hamachi tastes exquisite and rich in its raw form, simply thinly sliced for sashimi. It is also a versatile fish that tastes delicious when roasted or grilled, in which the flesh boasts a mild, sweeter flavour.

Frozen Hokkaido ikura per tray

Mature eggs of salmon caught off Hokkaido Kushiro. Carefully selected natural, soy sauce is. Carried to the factory immediately after landing on Sesame will. Is a very fine cut

Frozen fresh grated wasabi Kaneku brand tube

The real flavour, taste, spiciness & subtle sweetness can be enjoyed with this wasabi. Please use this for your sushi, sashimi, and as garnish for steak, or to make your own dressing.