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Ginger Honey + Leatherwood Honey

Ginger Honey + Leatherwood Honey PORTION: 400G +400G      PACKING: 1

THC Ginger Honey

Their Ginger Honey Spread is guaranteed to be like unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. Packed with health benefits, it combines the sweetness of honey and just a little sprinkling of sugar with the warm bite of ginger, for a honey that’s perfect mixed in with lemon and hot water for a soothing drink in the winter months.   PORTION: 400G       PACKING: 1

THC Orange Honey 400g

RM72.10 RM62.70
This Orange honey is in the Tasmania Honey Company’s Nouveau range of flavoured honeys. The pure, unheated honey is flavoured with orange peel and citrus oil. Delicious as a spread on toast, waffles, pancakes or simply enjoy by the spoonful. PORTION: 400G       PACKING: 1 Honey and Orange = Great Choice for breakfast spreads

THC Chocolate Honey

RM72.10 RM62.70
This Chocolate Honey is in the Tasmanian Honey Company's Nouveau range of flavoured honeys. The pure, unheated honey is Tasmanian Meadow, a combination of clover, blackberry, buttercup, and wildflower (a mild, delicate honey, with a smooth finish), with the addition of 10% shaved chocolate. Delicious as a spread on toast or scones, as a topping for ice cream, or enjoyed simply by the spoonful!   PORTION: 400G       PACKING: 1