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Pearl Mushroom 珍珠茶花菇 200g


Pearl Mushroom 珍珠茶花菇

-Improve Immune System 提高免疫力 - Promote Metabolism 促進新陳代 - Improve Spleen & Stomach 補脾胃 -  Strengthen Heart and Liver Protection 強心保肝

Lao Sang 金牌捞生 700g+/-


Lao Sang 金牌捞生 700g+/-

For 8~10 Persons (8至10人份)

Ingredients / 材料 (A) :  白姜丝, 荞头丝,瓜英丝,红姜丝。 Shredded Ginger, Shredded Chinese Cucumber, Shredded Pickled-leek, Shredded Papaya, Red Ginger.   Ingredients / 材料 (B) : 芋头丝,花生末,芝麻末,桂末粉,胡椒粉,香薄脆,特制鱼生酱。 Shredded Yam, Ground Peanuts, Toasted Sesame Seed, Cinnamon Powder, Pepper Powder, Pok Chui Crackers, Special Yee Shang Sauce

Fortune Seafood Gift Pack 财神牌贵妃贝

RM35.75 RM34.88

Braised Razor Clams with Dried Oysters and Fa-Chai 好事贵妃贝

For 5 Persons (5人份)

Ingredients: 100g Razor Clams, 5 Dried Oysters, 50g Black Moss, 100g Broccoli. 材料:100克贵妃贝,5只蚝干,50克发菜,100克西兰花