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Japanese Seedless Kyoho /tray

Kyoho Grapes is one of the Japan-prized grape variety, which is rich in wine-like flavour (no-alcohol), blackish-purple, or almost black, and juicy flesh with mild acidity. It is a slip-skin variety, where the skin is easily separated from the fruit. To enjoy this delicacy, the proper way is to draw the flesh out by suction from the top were connected to the grape stem.

Shizuoka Crown Melon [1pcs]

The melon has the beauty of artistic form, a fragrance with the scent of musk, plenty of juice, mellow taste, and smooth texture, which is the high-grade melon cultivated in Fukuroi city of Shizuoka prefecture, called “Shizuoka Crown Melon”. Shizuoka Crown Melon is cultivated with sophisticated techniques of growers and grown absolutely in greenhouses. In other words, the ultimate taste of “Shizuoka Crown Melon”, which was born by outstanding virtuosity of professionals, has been taken over from generation to generation.

Yuzu 80g [1pcs]

The fruit looks somewhat like a small grapefruit with uneven skin and can be either yellow or green depending on the degree of ripeness. Yuzu fruits, which are very aromatic, typically range between 5.5 cm (2.16 in) and 7.5 cm (2.95 in) in diameter but can be as large as a regular grapefruit (up to 10 cm (3.93 in) or larger).

Amela Tomato [1pcs]

These Japanese tomatoes are not only nutritious, its has a great combination of sweet and savory taste, bursting with sweet tomato juice all contain within its round petite size. Because of its rich, sweet, and intense flavor, customers often think Amela is a fruit. Try one and discover for yourself how special Amela is. Country of origin: Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Nutrition facts: Great source of Vitamin A, C, E & K, Calcium, Folic Acid, Potassium, and Fiber

Hyuganatsu Mikan [1pcs]

Hyuganatsu is a sweet, juicy citrus variety often eaten raw the way a grapefruit would, cut in half and maybe with sugar sprinkled on top. It is light yellow in color and about the size of an orange. Like the mikan, it is a refreshing way to stave off natsubate, which is why we added Hyuganatsu Jelly to the “Citrus Refresh” Classic Bokksu. There are theories that the variety stems from a mutated Yuzu or a chance cross of a Yuzu and Pomelo.

Japanese Dekopon [1pcs]

Dekopon (デコポン) is a seedless and sweet variety of mandarin orange.