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Aust. Angus Beef Mince (500G+/-)

  • Imported from Australia
Australian Angus beef minced with meat to fat ratio of 80:20. Great for making yours on juicy patties, meatballs, braised meat mince and etc. Packed 500g.

Portion: 500g +/-

Packing: 1

Aust. Angus Beef Patty 150g

RM8.50 RM7.70
  • Imported from Australia

Aust. Tenderloin Steak (350g+/-)

  • Imported from Australia.
Frozen  Aust. Frozen beef tenderloin steak

Portion: 350g +/-

Packing: 1 tray ( 3 pcs )


Aust. Frozen Beef Ribeye 350g+/-

RM24.90 RM22.90
  • Imported from Australia

Frozen Whole Chicken 1.6 – 1.8 KG +/-

It's more affordable to purchase a whole piece of chicken meat. Make sure to rinse and pat dry chicken before cooking.
  • Local Produced
  • Portion: 1.6 - 1.8kg

Aust. CAG Shoulder Clod Beef Shabu Shabu 400g+/- (3tray)

  • Aust. CAG Shoulder Clod Beef Shabu Shabu 400g+/-
  • Quantity: 3 tray
  • Weight: 135g+/- per tray

HAIDILAO Soup Base – Assorted Flavors (220g)

RM14.30 RM7.99
Haidilao Soup Base provides you with a delicious soup base for a great reunion meal!
  • Contains wine, Non-Halal.

Tajima Wagyu Shortloin 7/8 400g-500g+/-

RM187.00 RM168.00
  • Tajima Wagyu Shortloin 7/8
  • 400g-500g +/-
  • Frozen

Air Flown Norway Salmon/ Trout Whole 4kg-4.5kg+/-

RM297.00 RM285.90
Grown in the icey cold waters all over coast of Norway ranging from the county Rogaland in the south all the way up to Finmark in the north.

Portion: 4.0 -4.5kg

Packing: 1

Affco Lamb Rack 800g+/-

RM82.50 RM76.00

AFFCO Lamb Rack 0.8kg+/-

AFFCO provides the world with New Zealand’s finest premium meats

*PROMO* Saba Ichiya Boshi / Blue Mackerel per pcs

Saba Ichiya Boshi ( Raw Product ) Overnight Dried Blue Mackerel. To improve taste recommend to use sake or rice vinegar prior to baking or grilling.
  • Category: Fish, Seafood
  • Frozen
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Guinness Potato Chips 150g

Guinness Potato Chips 150g Guinness hand cooked quality potatoes to crisp perfection, before flavouring them with a unique blend of roasted barley and hops. The result is a mouth-watering crisp with the bitter sweet flavour of the iconic Irish stout. Ingredients Potatoes, sunflower oil, yeast extract powder, buttermilk powder (MILK), sugar, flavouring, fat-reduced cocoa powder, rice flour, salt, BARLEY malt extract powder, cream powder (MILK)