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Aust. Angus Beef Mince (500G+/-)

  • Imported from Australia
Australian Angus beef minced with meat to fat ratio of 80:20. Great for making yours on juicy patties, meatballs, braised meat mince and etc. Packed 500g.

Portion: 500g +/-

Packing: 1

Aust. Frozen Beef Ribeye 350g+/-

RM24.90 RM22.90
  • Imported from Australia

Aust. Frozen Beef Striploin 400g+/-

  • Imported from Australia
  • Frozen

Aust. Angus Beef Patty 170g

  • Imported from Australia

Aust. Tenderloin Steak (350g+/-)

  • Imported from Australia.
Frozen  Aust. Frozen beef tenderloin steak

Portion: 350g +/-

Packing: 1 tray ( 3 pcs )


Frozen Whole Chicken 1.6 – 1.8 KG +/-

It's more affordable to purchase a whole piece of chicken meat. Make sure to rinse and pat dry chicken before cooking.
  • Local Produced
  • Portion: 1.6 - 1.8kg

Tajima Wagyu Shortloin 7/8 400g-500g+/-

RM187.00 RM168.00
  • Tajima Wagyu Shortloin 7/8
  • 400g-500g +/-
  • Frozen

Aust. Cleanseas Yellowtail Kingfish (Hiramasa) Pin Bone In

RM18.00 RM15.00
An exceptional, surprising fish. The Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish is large and imposing. In the water, it’s big. It looks powerful and masterful. But when it’s landed, it’s a much more delicate proposition: its flesh retains layers of subtlety and intrigue. Japanese sushi masters consider Kingfish the best fish in the world for sashimi. It’s firm but distinctively delicate.The taste is unparalleled. Sweet. Fresh. It lasts just the right amount of time on the palate. It can carry other flavours while retaining its own sublime characteristics. It can be mildly cured or marinated in lime juice. It can be slow-cooked, pan fried, or BBQ. The ways are endless….

Portion: 200g +/-

Packing: 1

Affco Lamb Rack 800g+/-

RM82.50 RM76.00

AFFCO Lamb Rack 0.8kg+/-

AFFCO provides the world with New Zealand’s finest premium meats

Wagyu A5 hotpot Slice Frozen (150g-+/-) Promotion

To ensure you receive delivery in good condition, we will deliver Wagyu A5 Hotpot Slice in frozen.

Aust. CAG Shoulder Clod Beef Shabu Shabu 400g+/- (3tray)

  • Aust. CAG Shoulder Clod Beef Shabu Shabu 400g+/-
  • Quantity: 3 tray
  • Weight: 135g+/- per tray

*PROMO* Saba Ichiya Boshi / Blue Mackerel per pcs

Saba Ichiya Boshi ( Raw Product ) Overnight Dried Blue Mackerel. To improve taste recommend to use sake or rice vinegar prior to baking or grilling.
  • Category: Fish, Seafood
  • Frozen
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