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Australian Lamb Shoulder Chops

Australian AA Grade Lamb Shoulder Chops 600g+/-

The shoulder of the lamb, derived from the forequarter, is the most economical cut. The lamb shoulder is often cut to make lamb chops. We source our lamb from Australia, which boasts one of the highest quality of lamb meat. Lamb shoulder is suitable for a variety of cooking — grilled, pan-fried, roasts, stews, curries and more.
  • Halal certified
  • 600g+/-
  • Imported from Australia
  • This is a frozen product
Lamb Bone-in Neck Cubes Australia Wmart

Australian Lamb Neck Bone-In Cubes 800g+/-

Our lamb cubes come from the neck section, a comparatively sweeter cut that's still bone-in for extra flavour. Cook your lamb cubes low and slow in the pot with sauce or stock to achieve delicious tenderness.
  • Halal certified
  • Imported from Australia
  • 800g+/- per pack
  • This is a frozen item