W is Wholesale at Wmart

Hello world and welcome to Wmart’s blog!

We operate a supermarket in Kuala Lumpur, located Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin.

We’re mostly meat specialists, importing the best beef and seafood from around the world. Our own brand selections (chicken, sausages, deli meat, etc.) are locally produced and we also make our own cheese that goes into our bakery items.

Over the past two years, our little supermarket has kept going thanks to encouraging customers, and we’re really grateful for your support.

We haven’t provided the fanciest online store (if you’ve browsed our old store, you know what we mean lah), but since people are shopping with us online, we’ve decided to improve our e-store. Part of that includes communicating better with our visitors, whether you own our loyalty card or you’re browsing our site for the first time.

In this first post, we thought of simply telling you more about Wmart.

Wmart is Short for Wholesale Supermarket  

Before we opened Wmart Supermarket, we operated as Unifrozen, a wholesale business. Our oldest customers (now friends!) still think of us as Unifrozen today so there’s some confusion if you’re on Facebook with us. You may have wondered why we were promoting 20kg sacks of Holland onions as if they’re totally what you and your family need at home.

Here’s Wmart’s Facebook page with the typical retail supermarket promos, if that’s what you intended to follow or like.

Thanks to our wholesale business though, we are able to import and casually ship around giant containers of goods. Best of all, we can sell many products at wholesale prices to everyday shoppers.

Which products exactly? They include our exclusive imports from Australia such as the extra virgin olive oil range from Colbram Estate, Wagyu beef and Skull Island tiger prawns. Other countries we import from include Japan, Norway, Morocco, China and more. We also stock frozen fries in every shape and form — shoestring, chips, lattice, etc. — to keep restaurants and customers going.

Wmart Cobram Olive Oil

Today, Unifrozen still operates their business at the same site, so if you shop at Wmart in person, expect to see our people going about our compound, doing wholesaling stuff.

Sometimes we get mistaken for a famous American supermarket brand, but, no, we’re Wholesale Mart. Maybe a Wong Mart, but we’re definitely not a one-stop hypermarket.

W for the Wholesome Food by Wmart

Wmart produces some of our own food, most notably our own cheese. This lets us perform wonders in the kitchen.

The first thing you’ll see when you step into Wmart is the W Bakery section on your right. The shelves are loaded with all manner of cheesecakes and tarts. Our blueberry cheese tarts are the bestsellers, made with our own cheese, as well as actual blueberries. When was the last time you ate a blueberry cheese tart with real blueberries in it?

As for savory options, we produce our own halal brand of sausages, meat balls and deli under the brand Jono and Uni. We also supply our own range of chicken meat.

Whether you’re shopping for imported or local produce, Wmart has unique options you can’t find elsewhere. One of our aspirations is to boost the standard of local suppliers, farms and producers, so we welcome support to improve Made in Malaysia products.

W for Wagyu Supermarket!

Could there be a place where you get to browse a big range of Wagyu beef from Australia and Japan, and find rare cuts?

Probably Wmart!

We run a fully operational butchery, where our highly skilled butchers provide customized services to prepare Wagyu beef the way you want. Whether you’re wanting to eat shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, yakiniku or the best steak in the world, Wmart butchers know how to recommend and prepare Wagyu beef according to your specific cut, taste and budget.

Wmart Wagyu Beef Counter

We are the exclusive importers of Iga Beef, A5 Japanese Wagyu beef that is known as ‘Niku no Yokozuna’, which translates to ‘Champion of the World of Meat’. After scouring Japan in search of the best Wagyu beef (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it), we believe Iga Beef suits our local taste best because its meat has a mellow sweet taste, and it’s also less greasy.

Other Japanese Wagyu beef brands we stock includes Mie and Nara.

From Australia, we import Blackmore, Mayura, Tajima and the Phoenix F1 range of Wagyu beef. Even though Wagyu beef is already top-of-the-line beef, like your parents who aren’t happy with just an A grade, we always aim for the best of the lot. Expect marbling scores of 9+.

Wmart Welcomes You!

So that’s a little backstory of our humble supermarket. We’ll probably be posting about our wholesale selections for everyday shoppers to enjoy good deals, as well as for businesses interested to buy wholesale halal food.

For wholesale bulk purchases, contact us via WhatsApp, email or phone.

For daily supermarket goods, here’s how to buy the products mentioned: