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W Bakery Banana Cake 200g

W Bakery Banana Cake 200g

Introducing our new 200g boxes of original banana cakes - now available in a more convenient size! W Bakery's banana cakes are incredibly fragrant, moist, and are now less sweet.
  • 200g
  • We will process your order the next day or on your requested date, subject to availability
Jono Mozzarella Cheese 2kg

Jono Shredded Mozzarella (Australian Cheese) 2kg

Cheese product of Australia. Shredded mozzarella cheese ingredients: pasteurized cow's milk, palm oil, salt, non-animal rennet, starter culture, anti-caking agent (tapioca starch) and preservative (202). Contains milk, anti-caking agent as permitted food conditioner and permitted preservatives. Store frozen below -18°C.
  • 2kg per packet
  • This is a frozen product

Swiss Brown Mushrooms 150g

Premium grade Swiss Brown mushrooms. These ‘goodness all in one’ mushrooms are pesticide-free and produced locally. Swiss Browns are part of the Portobello family, offering robust flavours. They are great additions to dishes if you want richer mushroom flavours, from stews and kebabs to omelet and stir-fry – without the added calories, sodium and fat. Nutrition-wise, mushrooms contain potassium, protein and fiber.
  • Product of Malaysia
  • 150g per pack
  • Keep refrigerated