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Croque Monsieur Chicken Ham & Cheese Sandwich Wmart

Croque Monsieur (Chicken Ham & Cheese Sandwich)

Ready-to-eat croque monsieur by W Bakery. Croque monsieur is the French version of grilled chicken ham and cheese sandwiches. Wmart operates W Bakery, offering cakes, tarts, bread and pastries baked fresh every morning. We also offer fresh meal sets and sandwiches every day, conveniently packed for customers to grab lunch on the go or eat at our cafe. Delivery Terms & Conditions: This meal set will be delivered with other groceries you have purchased. For same-day delivery, please contact us directly on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp (017-5079833) to arrange for delivery, otherwise your order will only be delivered the following day or on the next available date.