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Frozen USA Red Raspberries 900G

RM20.99 RM16.50
  • Imported from USA, Repacking in Malaysia
  • Category: Frozen Fruits
  • Portion: 900g per pack.
Frozen fresh raspberries, harvested at their best, frozen for maximum freshness and convenience. Great for breakfast, add them to smoothies, dessert, baked goods, and etc.

Aust. Frozen Beef Striploin 350g+/-

RM17.90 RM15.90
  • Imported from Australia

Frozen Whole Chicken 1.6 – 1.8 KG +/-

It's more affordable to purchase a whole piece of chicken meat. Make sure to rinse and pat dry chicken before cooking.
  • Local Produced
  • Portion: 1.6 - 1.8kg

Australia Avocado (1pcs)

  • Imported from Australia
  • Category: Fruits
The Avocado is high in nutrient value topping up with its strong flavor and rich creamy texture. Botanists define it as a large berry with a single seed.

How to determine your avocado is ready to be eaten:-

  • Soft & Bright Green   - Mean Ready to Eat
  • Firm & Bright Green - Mean Ready in 1 or 2 Days
  • Hard & Bright Green - Mean Ready in 2 or 3 Days

Yellowtail Kingfish Steak Cut 200g+/-

Yellowtail Kingfish are popular for their firm, white, slightly oily flesh and medium-strong taste. They are an extremely popular sashimi fish & also can be grilled or BBQ'd. Yellowtail Kingfish is suited to dicing and adding to curries or soups.
  • Category: Seafood, Fish
  • Portion 200g +/-

Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil Classic (750ml)

PalateFrom fresh grassy notes, to a hint of green bananas and tomatoes, the Classic delivers a complete finish, with moderate bitterness and pungency and a creamy yet clean aftertaste.AromaBrimming with fresh fruity aromas and pungent flavours, our Chief Oil Maker recommends our versatile Classic for sautéing, grilling, roasting vegetables, dressing salads, or simply dipping with crusty bread to enjoy the delicate flavours.

Portion: 750ml

Packing: 1


Aust. Angus Diced Beef (500G)

  • Imported from Australia
Australian Angus beef diced for slow cooking. Great for stews, casseroles, curries and etc. Cut to 1" x 1". Packed 500g

Portion: 500g +/-

Packing: 1

Chicken Boneless Breast Skin On (2KG)

Including the skin, it will protect the meat from the heat and help make it super tender and juicy.
  • Portion: 2kg per pack
  • Local Produced

Frozen USA Blackberries 900G

RM20.70 RM18.80
  • Imported from USA - 1 pack / 900g
  • Category: Fruits
Blackberries contain nutrients including potassium, magnesium, and calcium, as well as vitamins A, C, E, and most of our B vitamins.