Wholesale Seafood at Wmart Supermarket

Salmon wholesale KL

Have you seen our office lately?

Since people contact us to buy wholesale imported seafood in Kuala Lumpur, we get to build a fortress out of cartons. Cartons of Fremantle Octopus, in this season.

These octopuses are caught in the wild (sustainably!) in Western Australia, and are now readily available in KL, for your grill or sous vide. We decided to import Fremantle Octopus because it’s so tender and tastes like lobster, something we think our customers will enjoy!

That’s just one of our latest offerings at Wmart.

Wmart Blog Fremantle Octopus


Where to Get Good Seafood? Wmart!  

It’s not just tender octopuses that we fall in love with at first bite. Wmart also loves plenty of other types of seafood. You can find premium selections of imported fish, prawns, crabs, and other shellfish — from Australia and Japan,  to Norway and America. And our local produce, of course.

Here are just a few seafood selections that Wmart imports and distributes:


Super-Fresh Air-Flown Norwegian Salmon/Trout

If you’ve been following Wmart for a while, you should recognize these fish. We fly them in from Norway, which makes them really, really, fresh, hence super fresh. Sashimi-grade fresh.

These salmon and trout are grown in the icy cold waters all over the coast of Norway, ranging from the northernmost part of continental Europe, Finnmark, to the southern Rogaland. Salmon is probably familiar to you thanks to all the Japanese and sushi restaurants, but we also offer trout, its richer, redder, and freshwater counterpart.

Wmart Blog Norwegian Salmon

At Wmart, our butchers can cut your salmon or trout into fillets (before you ask, yes, their cutting services are free of charge). We include the fish head, so you take home everything except for the bones and removed guts. Don’t know what to do with fish heads? Just boil soup or porridge with them!


Seafood from the Far, Far East

From Japan, we import their renowned scallops from Hokkaido. We also bring in Aomori scallops, just in case you want experience flavours outside the hot spots.

Our scallops come in different sizes (Medium, Large, like ourselves). You can buy them with or without shells — scallops still lying on their half-shells look really attractive when served. Prefer good-tasting over good-looking seafood? We have scallops that have already been cut for your convenience.

A cool Japanese fish we stock is sanma — long, slender Pacific saury that are IQF-frozen so each fish can be easily stored, and prepared. The Sanma Festival is held every year, but now you don’t have to travel to Tokyo to get a taste of it.

The saba, or mackerel, that we stock is easy on your meat budget. Better yet, some selections come packed with more flavours, like our kombu-infused saba. There’s also shishamo — small, silvery fish with bellies full of roe. And small, sweet shrimps called amaebi.

Wmart Blog Sanma Scallop

Fun, Affordable Fish Bites

You know those fun fish finger food that you adore? Wmart stocks them in a variety of shapes and sizes:

These are our range of imported pangasius fish, better known as dory fish. If you don’t want them to be coated at all, we have plain, good ol’ dory fillets.

If you’re looking for bags of fishballs, seafood tofu, fish paste and other such selections for steamboat, we stock those too!


King Size Seafood

It goes without saying that size matters a lot in our seafood haul, including the Fremantle Octopus we talked about at the start of this article. The Fremantle Octopus’ tentacles come in L and XL sizes. That’s about the length of your arm (from wrist to elbow if you’ve got a long reach).

Other extra-large-sized seafood that we have from Australia include the Skull Island tiger prawns. The biggest prawns found Down Under, skullies also run along the length of your school ruler, and, more importantly, their meaty portion and bold flavours make a wonderful addition to any feast.

Wmart Blog King Crab

As for named kings, Wmart’s freezers are filled with Wild Alaskan king crab legs. People purchase and feast on their colossal legs. There are two types of king crabs in our supermarket: golden king crabs, and red king crabs. The red king crabs are larger, meatier and more highly prized than the golden.

Oh, believe it or not, our super-fresh Norwegian salmon, the one that forces you to queue up and ask the butcher nicely for it, is actually not the best-tasting salmon we have. That title belongs to the Wild Alaskan red king salmon, also known as the Chinook salmon. The king salmon trumps all other salmon types in Omega-3 content.


Come and See Our Seafood

We have even more seafood tucked away in our freezers, which we invite you to check out at Wmart. We are always on the lookout for high-quality seafood, especially ones that are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council so as to do our part to support sustainable fishing.

Some seafood aren’t listed on our website yet, so if there’s something you’re interested in, feel free to PM us on Facebook or call us at 017-507 9833.