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Brazil Beef Striploin 380g+/-

  • Brazil Beef Striploin
  • 380g+/-
  • Frozen

Aust. Tenderloin Steak (350g+/-)

  • Imported from Australia.
Frozen  Aust. Frozen beef tenderloin steak

Portion: 350g +/-

Packing: 1 tray ( 3 pcs )


Wagyu A5 hotpot Slice Frozen (160g- 170g)

To ensure you receive delivery in good condition, we will deliver Wagyu A5 hotpot Slice in frozen

Trv Bone In Shortloin 300g+/-

Torello Rosé Veal sits perfectly between veal and beef. The age of the calves along with the milk and grain diet delivers a unique light beef flavour, while maintaining a delicate, melt in your mouth texture. Torello Rosé Veal has no added hormones.  Easy to prepare, fast to cook and available in familiar beef cuts making it suitable for both beef and veal recipes. Product is shipped Vacuum packed. Best cooked within 2 weeks.

Portion: 300g +/-

Packing: 1


Aust. Tenderloin Fillet Steak 1kg

  • Imported from Australia

AUST. chill beef Flank steak (500g)

-HALAL -Flank Steak is prepared from a Thin Flank and is the flat lean fleshy portion of the M. rectus abdominis, and further prepared by stripping the serous membrane and connective tissue from the muscle.

Australian Beef Tenderloin Steak Set Promotion (Nov)

Australian Frozen Beef Tenderloin  Promotion (NOV) 900G+/- / 8pcs Tenderloin Steak Included + 500g Frozen French Fries + 500g Frozen Green Bean + 200g Asparagus *Photos are illustration purpose *only *Halal Certified Products  

Australian Beef Box Set Promotion (Oct) with free cooler bag

Australian Frozen Beef Box Set Promotion (Oct) with free cooler bag 1 pack mince beef - 260g +/- 1 tray tenderloin steak 300g+ ( 2 - 3 pcs ) 1 tray ribeye steak 300g +/- ( 2pcs ) 3 tray beef sukiyaki 280G+/- 1 pkt edamame pod 900g +/- 1 pkt french fries 1/4 shoesting 750g +/- 1 Wmart Cooler Bag ( free gift) *Photos are illustration purpose *only *Halal Certified Products  

AUST. chill beef eye round (300g)

-HALAL -Outside is prepared from the Silverside by the removal of the heel muscle. The popliteal lymph node, surrounding fat and connective tissue are removed.

AUST. chill beef Chuck (500g)

-Chuck is prepared from a Forequarter by the removal of the Rib Set at the specified rib number. The Brisket is removed along the cropping line. The Shin, Blade, Chuck Tender is removed along with all bones cartilage, tendons, ligamentum nuchae and lymph nodes. -HALAL

AUST. chill beef Bone in short rib (2kg+/-)

-HALAL -Short Ribs are prepared from a Forequarter after the removal of the Brisket / Ribs Prepared / Chuck Square Cut. The cutting line is approximately 75mm from the eye of meat and parallel to the vertebral column. The M. cutaneus trunci is removed.